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Our company had just released a brand new website for a medium-high competition niche and began looking at a number of SEO firms. After talking to a number of different companies, we selected Whakki Media – and we certainly made the right choice! In just a few weeks, we found that many key phrase search terms placed our company on the first page of Google!

Adam Morris Tier1online.com

Following a disastrous Google update, our ratings dropped from page one to pages five and six. We would have been stuck in the mud until a friend recommended the incredible Whakki Media. Within three months, they had cleared up our entire back-link portfolio and brought our website back to page one!

Thomas Primicerio AnswerOrlando.com

Right from the start, Whakki Media were completely devoted to ranking our website and improving our traffic and clients. After many disappointing experiences with other SEO companies, Whakki Media was a breath of fresh air!



Mario Henrikson LoLBoost.net